April Newsletter – Skills for media & EU policy priorities


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After what will likely be “difficult” EU elections, what should 2019 be about? We believe it should focus on big ideas, notably democracy, as well as the revival of the media sector. Moving on from fighting fake news, cybersecurity and – rightly – from challenging dominant social platforms.

In relation to these priorities and another “EU renaissance”, three building blocks are under construction:
First, there’s the implementation of the agreed Digital Single Market, notably accompanying negotiations on content. This requires using competition law, which most people do not see as an opportunity yet.
Second, one should set more pro-active policies for the ecosystem of the media industry, platforms, and advertising. Preparing for faster media innovation, and a real sector strategy, or industrial policy.
Finally, this agenda mandates improving management skills in the media sector. Change is needed chiefly within the media sector and outlets. Most media professionals today still work in national or functional silos. Policies without a changed mindset would not work.
These three points belong together and form the common thread in this month’s newsletter of Fondation EURACTIV. They are also at the heart of the upcoming Europe’s Media Lab. The abundant news of activities listed below shows that the health and skills of the media sector is a priority for many. Among the EU’s top priorities for 2019-2024, there should be something like ‘Democracy in the digital world: sound platforms and independent media. And a Democracy Commissioner to lead it? Enjoy the read!

Questions welcome. Merci! Danke!
Christophe Leclercq, fondateur@euractiv.com


Upskilling media professionals

Fondation EURACTIV and its media partner have trained around 1000 people over the years, mostly young media professionals. The foundation’s former Secretary General tries to draw some lessons from this experience, before the think-do tank embarks on new programmes. Read the full article byJulian Oliver here and stay updated on ouractivities..


The new Media Economics programme launched by