Stars4Media-EURACTIV (history & vision + organising its alumni)

a) This media network has pioneered – and will continue – on a number of fronts:

  • online reporting and stakeholders’ community around EU policies
  • free content, supported by (separate) sponsors, while retaining editorial independence
  • franchising our brand to other countries (now 13)
  • working across  languages (13), starting in the East
  • leveraging this network for pan-european projects
  • complementing reporting with events and training
  • being pro-European and constructive, while retaining editorial independence. 

b) There is no EURACTIV alumni association yet. If one also includes the franchise partners at national level, thousands of professionals have been trained, motivated, and promoted, for later positions in media, public affairs, communications, EU & national institutions, and even politics. They share not only a personal knowledge of that EURACTIV history, but also strong values and often great friendships. They are not currently networked: an opportunity?

Enquiries welcome: