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Europe’s MediaLab (Fondation EURACTIV)

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Who we are

The Think-and-do-tank for healthy media in Europe

Europe’s MediaLab (Fondation EURACTIV) is a think-and-do-tank fostering a healthy media community in Europe. It was set up in 2003 as a ‘Fondation d’Utilité Publique’ under Belgian law.

Our goals

We aim in particular to:
  • Support a healthy media sector by fostering a more proactive EU media policy
  • Advocate for media independence, media pluralism and language diversity in Europe

  • Support media coverage of EU policy both at a national and local level

  • Promote media innovation projects for media and related stakeholders

In turn, this will contribute to a healthy democracy and the emergence of a European public sphere. This requires also innovation for the media sector.

What we do

A “think-and-do tank” includes activities seeking to act directly on the policy environment through innovative projects. As such, we:

EURACTIV Media Network is a separate organisation which coordinates EU policy news in 12+ languages. It inspired Europe’s MediaLab (Fondation EURACTIV) with whom it shares the same offices, values and founder.