MEDIA DATA SPACES – Phase 2 of the Study

As of October 2021, Europe’s MediaLab is delighted to announce to be part of a consortium that will deliver the study for the second phase of the Digital European Platform of Quality Content Providers.

The aim of the study is to identify/examine existing revenue-sharing schemes and to explore the compensation solutions available for media actors to share data assets/resources on the media data space/data marketplace – considering the identified challenges, drivers and barriers. 

The first phase of this Pilot Project (SMART 2019/0094) was launched in 2020 to provide European policy makers with the essential elements to assess the long-term sustainability of European B2B and potentially B2C content creation and distribution platform for quality media, based on high quality standards and European values.

This second phase of the Pilot Project requires the production of a feasibility study on the opportunities for the creation of media data space(s). The consortium considers the media data space(s) to be the backend of the platform. In order for the second phase to complement the first phase, we will rely on the experience of Europe’s MediaLab which plays a crucial role in the feasibility study together with other consortium partners, of PWC Italy, Carsa, KU Leuven (Institute for Media Studies, KU Leuven (Centre for IT and IP Law) andIntellera Consulting. This study is funded by the European Commission.

The work will be distributed along the five work packages:

  • Work Package 1: Definition of the operational and legal framework 
  • Work Package 2: Alliance building and governance model
  • Work Package 3: Technological feasibility
  • Work Package 4: Financial/economic feasibility
  • Work Package 5: Recommendations and way forward

For more information and project background click here.