European Media Data Space Project

lThe Digital European Platform of Quality Content Providers project objective is to support the creation of a European Data Space dedicated to the Media sector. As provided by the Council conclusions, the content-producing and content-distributing sectors are essential pillars for democracy and social inclusion, as well as for vibrant and competitive European media, cultural and creative industries. The European Commission – DG CNECT has launched Phase 2 of the pilot project ‘Digital European Platform of Quality Content Providers’.

The first phase of this pilot project was conducted in 2020 to provide European policy makers with the essential elements to assess the long-term sustainability of European B2B and potentially B2C content creation and distribution platform for quality media, based on high quality standards and European values. Phase 2 intends to provide practical and clear details on the opportunity to create a data space in the European media sector.

In particular, the project aims to  :

  • Explore the incentives for actors in and outside the media sector to join forces on the creation of data space(s);
  • Create a coalition of organisations willing to contribute to the development and design a European data infrastructure;
  • Define technical, legal, financial and other requirements to build a data infrastructure

The Project is funded by the EU Commission – DG CNECT (Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology) and managed by Intellera Consulting and PwC EU Services in collaboration with Europe’s Media Lab (Foundation EURACTIV), KU Leuven – Institute for Media Studies (IMS), KU Leuven – Center for IT & IP Law (CiTiP), Carsa s.a. and SQS s.a.

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Media Data Space_Interim Report_Summary