#Media4EU 4/4 | Why share media challenges? Learning from each other…

#Media4EU 4/4 | Why share media challenges? Learning from each other…

Sharing best practices is constructive and stimulating. Plus competition leads to continuous improvements. I welcome new attempts, see for example:

This cooperative approach builds on interactions in many relevant circles. EurActiv partners with or moderates at the Future Media Lab, the FT Digital Media conference, the EU institutions’ EuropCom, in the spirit of progress in 21st century journalism. I do the same within relevant associations:

Creativity is also sought at EurActiv.com with the 12 nationality team (including two Americans in management), and our 5- nationality board (German-chaired) and top people in the countries (some 100 persons altogether). And at Europe’s MediaLab, whose Advisory Council includes ca 30 senior leaders of NGOs, think-tanks and consultancies (including my British wife).

We also leverage knowledge elsewhere, for example prepare the future media in the ‘EU Community project’, with a consortium including Fraunhofer and EU co-financing (btw, EurActiv relies mainly on diversified private sector funding. Public tenders cover 20% of our costs, mainly for R&D (DG CONNECT) and communication on our country network (recently: related to EU elections) ).

Finally, thinking of strategy and competitive positioning: I just can’t help it! This comes from a McKinsey consulting background and DG Competition experience (I worked on ‘telecoms and info society’, including online media).

Anyway, on the related posts, you will find mostly questions, and nothing is confidential: ‘efficacité et transparence‘ des acteurs européens.

Thanks for your input by email, Twitter @LeclercqEU (do RT, pls using #Media4EU), or (public) comment here below.