Stars4Media – CHESS

Building upon the invaluable experience, outstanding results, and the strong community fostered by EU-funded Stars4Media, Europe’s MediaLab applied for the Commission’s European Media Hubs – 2023 call; we presented “CHESS: Crosslingual Hubs for East-west coworking and Stars4Media Support”. 

Similar to a chess match (but not a game, sad reality), we find ourselves confronted by formidable adversaries: the Kremlin, oligarchs and disinformation. To triumph over their pawns, we must strategically align among media within the EU, championing shared values of quality, security, and peace.

The CHESS project also builds on:

  • Two Brussels physical infrastructures, which Europe’s MediaLab wishes to set up in 2024 anyway

Plus, in case of EU co-funding:

  • Virtual hubs, and sponsoring even more correspondents in Brussels

The CHESS consortium includes top media from 12 countries and extends further through its associates: Reporters d’Espoirs (FR), Ouest-France (FR), EURACTIV (EN, DE, FR), Rzeczpospolita (PL), I-Europa (SK), Latvijas Mediji (LV), Evropeiska Pravda (UKR), Ekonomi Gazetesi (TR),  Interpress News (GE), Suspilne (UKR), Ziarul de Gardă (MD), (EU-based) free media in exile, publishers’ association, WAN-IFRA, journalist trade unions, the European Federation of  Journalists and the European Journalism Centre.


At its core, our mission is to bring together journalists from both Eastern and Western media landscapes fostering a dynamic and solution oriented collaboration: under CHESS, for example, we will upscale solution journalism Europe wide. “La France des solutions 2021” with a success reaching 24 million citizens in France and 50 media partnerships will be upscaled Europe wide. This results in EU affairs dedicated European Weeks of Solutions (in 2024 and 2025).


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