Stars4Media – GOVERNANCE

Europe’s MediaLab considers creating a pool of media experts who could provide governance and guidance to the boards of media companies. The idea comes after a series of interviews published on EURACTIV and conducted by our chairman Christophe Leclercq with Editors of the largest media across Europe. This “Tour d’Europe” revealed a wide need for cross border change management at two levels: 

  • Young innovators, led by the Stars4Media – NEWS programme. Done!
  • Change within management and boards. These profiles are often older male former journalists, not always with a vision for tech, data drive, new business models and cross-border cooperation. 

As pointed out in previous Op-eds, the sector needs business consolidation, notably more cooperation among companies regarding the “fixed costs” part of their activity: tech and marketing know-how. 

A “Benchmarking club” could help to trigger such collaborations with people from different profiles and countries. Mr Leclercq and several of his tentative fellows have wide experience of corporate governance, media strategy and policy issues. 

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